A century of wealth management history rolled into one cost-effective solution.

The technology to manage complex traditional, global, alternative investments, and non-traditional assets, such as real estate or art.
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    Customizable Dashboard

    Rockit® Command’s dashboard is comprised of a series of pages where you can select what information appears on each tab and on each page – perfect for grouping by subject type (e.g., investments or cash) or by family members.

    Enhanced Reporting

    Rockit is focused on the granular level of transactions, there are a number of data elements available to be used for on-demand reports. Reports can be run at an account, individual, family or other consolidated basis.

    Integrated General Ledger

    Rockit®Command was conceived and built with an integrated, two-sided general ledger. The general ledger provides for a greater level of detail not normally available in a standard portfolio management system.

    Personalized Client Team

    When you select Rockit, you will be working with your assigned client service team, a seasoned group of professionals serving as the access point to all the expertise within Rockit® Solutions, from daily operations to performance measurement to reporting.