Subir Chatterjee

President & Chief Executive Officer

David R. Bauman

Senior Vice President, Technology Development

Mark Cancellieri


Ramsey El-Fakir

Chief Information Officer & Head, Wealth Management Fi-Tek, LLC; and Chief Information Officer, Rockit® Solutions, LLC.

Erik Forssman

Senior Managing Director

Kevin Fisher

Head, Relationship Management & Business Development Fi-Tek, LLC, and Rockit® Solutions, LLC

Richard J. Gelinas

Chief Financial Officer

Stuart Hendry

Head, Operations & Performance, Fi-Tek, LLC and Rockit® Solutions, LLC

Anthony N. Mitchell

Managing Director of Human Resources

Alan Perl

Director of Client Service and Business Development

Brian Shrum

Director of Professional Services

Peter Stoffers

Director, Wealth Management Operations & System Implementation, Rockit Solutions, LLC