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Whether you’re an advisor or a family office professional, access to timely and comprehensive information about your accounts, transactions, investment managers, cash, income, etc., is critical in today’s global investing environment.  Our innovative platform ensures data integrity while preserving the privacy and confidentiality of your information. Discover Rockit’s Solution Suite® and learn about our tailored technology-enabled service offering for all of your complex wealth information needs.

Our end-to-end Wealth Information Management Solution Suite includes Data Aggregation, Reconciliation & Data Enrichment, Investment & Performance Reporting, Portfolio Accounting, Principal & Income Trust Accounting, and Partnership Accounting & Tax Services.

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Partnership Accounting and Tax Services

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Integrated General Ledger


Investment Reporting & Performance

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Data Enrichment

Our Differentiators

Rockit Solutions

Discrepancy Reconciliation

Rockit captures data from multiple sources.  We begin with loading tax lots, reconcile against automated custodial feeds daily, and enrich with public and private data for other corporate events. This approach seeks to deliver a higher level of confidence and accuracy that is distinctive from other competitive solutions, ensuring the complete picture of your financial wealth.

Focus on Data Integrity

Rockit endeavors to provide an unsurpassed data integrity process by delivering accuracy and consistency throughout our client’s portfolios. Data is transformed into meaningful insights via a daily process that includes independent and consistent pricing, transaction processing, accounting, reconciliation, and performance calculation.

Rockit Solutions
Rockit Solutions

Flexible Reporting

Customizable content and formatting templates allow for the creation of scalable client reporting that supports the wealth management process and delivers pertinent information personalized to your firm or the families you serve. Easily accessed via Rockit® Command and our web-based portal, Portfolio View ™, our clients are empowered to retrieve their information using an array of on-demand reports for Investment Monitoring, Trust Administration, Financial Administration, Portfolio Analysis, Partnership Accounting & Tax, and Cash Analysis.

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