Take your Reports to New Heights

Partnership Schedule of Commitments

One of the main advantages of Rockit® Solutions is the variety of reports that are available. We are currently featuring “Partnership Schedule of Commitments,” which is a report focused on holdings of alternative investment funds, such as hedge or private equity funds. With the significant growth of the alternative investment asset class, this is a highly sought-after report.

Rockit records historical information pertaining to the initial subscription, past capital calls, returned and recallable capital, withdrawals and distributions. Once all historical information is captured, Rockit would also track ongoing activity as it becomes available.

Return on investment (ROI) is calculated in Rockit®Command and can be included in the report. Additional columns can also be added, such as the vintage year shown in the sample report. Once all of the columns are selected, this report is available on demand – just another one of the benefits of a relationship with Rockit® Solutions.

Partnerscheduleof commitments2.jpg