Enhanced Reporting

Rockit Reporting: A Greater Level of Detail

The integrated general ledger is the starting point for capturing important details of investment portfolios. In addition, Rockit allows for the segregation of principal and income, important for many trust accounting functions. Because Rockit is focused on the granular level of transactions, there are a number of data elements available to be used for on-demand reports. Reports can be run at an account, individual, family or other consolidated basis.

Four key reporting categories:

1. Investment Monitoring – including summary and detail statements of assets, performance returns, change in market value and alternative investment fund commitment schedules


2. Financial Administration – including balance sheet, income statement, cash flow, cash projection and detailed statement of transactions


3. Year-End Analysis – including unrealized and realized gains and losses, estimated taxable income report and reportable gifts


4. Partnership Administration – including schedules of partnership income and deductions at the partner level